Brookline Companies

Brookline is a privately held real estate company headquartered in Florida specializing in the acquisition, development, and redevelopment of commercial real estate across the eastern United States.

Brookline Approach

With a focus on uncovering, generating, and maintaining long-term value, Brookline seeks opportunities supported by a proper investment basis, strong market fundamentals, and the intrinsic value of the underlying real estate. Each opportunity is assessed and valued based on experience, creative vision, and analytical discipline. With an established investment culture centered on active management of all our projects, Brookline remains guided by a chief principle that strives to always do what is in the best interest of the property.

Brookline Experience

Principals of The Brookline Companies currently own and operate approximately 3,000,000 square feet of commercial space in eight states and the District of Columbia and have completed over $750 million dollars in real estate transactions. With a primary focus on retail development, Brookline’s diversified investment experience covers retail, office, industrial/logistics, multi-family, hospitality and mixed use.

Investment Criteria

The Brookline Companies is actively seeking investment opportunities throughout the state of Florida and specifically along the I-75 corridor from Tampa Bay to the Naples MSA. We review all retail and office acquisition, redevelopment, and development opportunities while hospitality and multi-family developments are also considered.

Ideal investment conditions include competitive barriers to entry or the ability to build a competitive niche within a supply-constrained submarket. Ideal asset qualities include an opportunity to uncover, generate, and maximize long-term value in positions that present option value. Ultimately, the intrinsic value of the asset as supported by economic, market-level and real estate-level fundamentals is key.

  • Acquisitions are typically targeted when pricing can be achieved at a market discount and/or under replacement value. We are actively seeking acquisition opportunities across the spectrum of core plus, value add, and opportunistic strategies.
  • Developments are typically targeted in growth markets marked by market liquidity and/or supply barriers for competitive product.
  • True real estate value often lies below the surface, obscured in its as-is condition.

The Brookline Companies focuses on active management of all investments and a thoughtfully managed diversification of effort and projects. With dedicated and disciplined growth resources in place, The Brookline Companies can readily identify, analyze, and assess interest in an opportunity.

Contact Us

Corporate Headquarters
13920 58th St N, Suite 1014
Clearwater, FL 33760

Site Office – Syracuse
100 Intrepid Lane, Ste 1A
Syracuse, NY

Site Office – Naples
1010 5th Avenue, Ste 303
Naples, FL

Current Job Opportunities
Quantitative Financial Analyst

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